21 July 2020

Introducing “Catchy”, our new waste collection system at the Vijfsluizerharbour, the Netherlands

Introducing Catchy, our new waste collection system, developed to catch litter and plastic flowing through South Holland’s Nieuwe Maas River. We have designed the system to catch both large waste floating on the surface and smaller debris – mainly plastics – suspended in the water column. Later this month, we will be installing Catchy  close to a nature reserve in the Vijfsluizer harbour, between the cities Schiedam and Vlaardingen.

Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch authority for public works and water management, commissioned Allseas to develop the system. Like us, they are looking into ways to catch the waste in rivers before it can spread to the sea.
Catchy  is simple in design, using the wind and currents to intercept waste.

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