31 January 2020

Allseas celebrates 35 years!

35 years ago, a small group of dedicated and passionate engineers set out on their own course. Led by the visionary Edward Heerema, these pioneers shared a vision: superior subsea technology and services. On 25 January 1985 Allseas opened its doors at a small office in The Hague.

What happened next shaped the industry. Over the last 35 years, Allseas has grown into one of the most reputable and respected players in the offshore energy market, breaking records and writing history along the way. Deeper, quicker, heavier, safer… our fleet of record-breaking heavy lift and construction vessels exceed the limit of what is possible above and below the water surface.

With dynamism, rapid progress and pioneering spirit at its core, Allseas pushes the boundaries of what is possible, delivering unique solutions to meet the market’s ever-changing needs. Proof, that it you can dream it, you can do it.

Here’s to continuing to shape the industry !