Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane  is a dynamically positioned support vessel that assists Allseas’ pipelay vessels with activities such as pre- and post-route survey, crossing preparation and mattress installation. She also operates as an independent unit with the mechanical pipeline trencher Digging Donald. Her slender ship shape and efficient propulsion system combine to facilitate a high transit speed and excellent workability, and precise manoeuvring on full dynamic positioning allows her to operate safely in congested areas.

Calamity Jane  is able to install concrete mattresses and other structures using a remotely-controlled subsea installation frame in combination with the trencher handling frame, or an ROV-operated mattress installation frame in combination with the main A-frame. She is fully equipped for performing FGT operations to check the integrity of each pipeline after pipelay.

Technical design

Vessel specifications

Length overall151 m (495 ft) 
Length between perpendiculars117 m (384 ft) 
Breadth20 m (66 ft) 
Depth to main deck13 m (43 ft) 
Operating draught8 m (25 ft) 
Maximum speed11 knots 
Total installed power13,255 kW 
Propellers2 x 2394 kW controllable pitch  
Thrusters4 x 1150 kW retractable azimuth type 
Dynamic positioning systemRedundant, class 2 General Electric C-series DPS 900 ALSPA system
Accomodation73 persons 
HelideckMaximum take-off weight 11.0 t, suitable for Super Puma EC 255 helicopter 
Deck cranesTrencher handling frame of 200 t (440 kips) at 197 m (646 ft), 160 t (355 kips) at 450 m water depth (1476 ft)
Knuckle boom crane of 10 t (20 kips) at 4 m (12 ft) 
Mattress skidding systemOn raised main deck, with 940 t storage capacity and 70 t skidding capacity 
Subsea installation frameFor installation of mattresses and subsea structures up to 60 t (130 kips) 
ROV150 HP work class ROV, rated to 4000 m depth (13,000 ft), for subsea surveys and intervention work 
ClassificationsLR 100 A1 (), LA, LMC, DP (AA) 
Trenching unitFully remote-controlled and diverless trencher Digging Donald, depth rated 450 m (1475 ft)
Port of registryValletta

Calamity Jane  projects