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Vivian Roode

Unit Head Innovations

“Working at Allseas is the perfect mix of working on technical and organisational challenges and of working in the office and travelling.”

People often ask me, how – with my background in Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics – did I come to work for Allseas, an offshore pipelaying company? The answer is simple: from my very first introduction to Allseas, I was attracted by the open-minded, ‘can do’ attitude, by the opportunity to work on challenging (and big!) projects, and by the prospect of working so close to the application.

Of course, I was also just plain curious about this whole offshore business and very eager to go out and see for myself these vessels that I only knew from the Discovery Channel. And yes, although the majority of engineers here have a background in offshore, civil or mechanical engineering, there is a lot of work for other engineering disciplines and I can contribute to many developments in the company.

So I became an R&D Engineer at Allseas, but what does that actually mean? Well, R&D Engineers are part of the Innovations Department. Within Innovations there is a specific naval group, a structural group, a heavy lifting group (working on Pioneering Spirit) and the R&D Engineers, who work on all kind of modifications and improvements to Allseas’ vessels and to the processes on those vessels. Eventually, I became Unit Head at the Innovations Department.

I was also responsible for setting up Allseas’ new engineering office in Eindhoven. My responsibilities include: picking the location, establishing contacts with TU Eindhoven, hiring new engineers and guiding the students that work here. And a whole lot more! It felt like starting your own company, but with the benefit of getting on-going support from Allseas’ Delft office!

Working at Allseas has definitely met my expectations. For me, it is the perfect mix of working on technical and organisational challenges, but also of working in the office and travelling. Add to that the attitude that “everything is possible” and the great colleagues I get to work with, and I think you can understand my enthusiasm.