Quotes & stories

Nick Verberkmoes

Welding Engineer

“I had an incredible proud feeling of a mission accomplished”

As a welding engineer I am responsible for technical welding related challenges for pipeline and structural projects. The welding standards I work with require some of the world’s most stringent specifications. Technical knowhow in the field of welding is therefore a must, but knowledge of welding in the offshore industry cannot be learnt by a book.

My first project in the North Sea was completed smoothly and I was very impressed by the way  Solitaire handles a pipeline. Learning on the job became really serious on board of  Audacia, a CRA pipeline in South Africa. It wasn’t an easy start at all due many unexpected challenges during the start-up of the project. But four weeks later, leaving  Audacia  by chopper, I had an incredibly proud feeling of a mission accomplished.

Since the day I started working at Allseas, my experience is that not only our welding team but all the departments I work with are of great support. Also during my offshore trips, guidance from the crew on board on any of the vessels is outstanding. It really makes me feel part of a team in which respect and support are key elements.