Woodside Pluto

General information

ClientWoodside Burrup Propriety 
ProjectWoodside Pluto 
LocationNorth of Western Australia 
VesselsAudacia, Tog Mor 
Max. water depth830 m (2723 ft)

Scope of work

  • Feed, engineering and procurement
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Pipe haul
  • Flooding, gauging and testing

Project specials


  • Injection moulded PP field joint coating for insulation
  • Clad section near in-line tees
  • Installation over sleepers to allow for lateral buckling
  • Installation of sliding FTA in J-mode


  • Crossing of LNG shipping channel by means of pipe pull over seabed
  • 4 midline tie-ins (on the sides of the shipping channel)
  • Shore pull-in of piggy-backed pipeline

Pipe characteristics

27/172023.1/25.0DNV Gr.450 / 625 Clad
27/172023.1/25.0DNV Gr.450 / 625 Clad
181/1123624.0/26.7DNV Gr.450
6 piggy-back10.3/12.7ISO 3183-4 L450 MC