Saipem Cabiunas

General information

ClientSaipem (part of main contract with Petrobras subcontracted to Allseas) 
ProjectSaipem Cabiunas 
LocationBrazil, approximately 200 km south of Rio de Janeiro 
Max. water depth1790 m (5873 ft)
Pipe characteristics3LPP coated pipe and CWC pipe

Scope of work

  • Installation of 277 km, 24-inch pipeline (82.9 km shallow water section and 193.9 km deep water section)
  • Installation of 6 inline structures (3 inline valves and 3 inline tees)
  • Design and fabrication of yoke footings, yokes, anti-rotation clamps and steel shrouds
  • Fabrication of flush start-up head and A&R heads
  • Supply of project materials/equipment (approximately 14,400 pieces)

Project specials

  • 1000 t A&R head
  • Installation of VES/ILT structures to maximum allowable sea states

Pipe characteristics

82.9 / 51.92431.8API – X65
193.9 / 120.830.2