Petro SA ikhwezi

General information

ClientPetroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of South Africa Ltd (PetroSA) 
ProjectPetro SA ikhwezi 
LocationSouth Africa, 100 km off the southern coast near Mossel Bay 
VesselsAudacia, Calamity Jane 
Max. water depth148 m (488 ft)
Pipe characteristics3LPP coated pipe and CWC pipe

Scope of work

  • Installation engineering
  • Procurement, including pipeline anodes, piggy-back blocks, strapping and heat shrink sleeves
  • Fabrication of installation aids, pipeline heads, flange assemblies, cocoons and sleepers
  • Welding trials and qualifications Installation of 37-km, 12-inch production pipeline, consisting of 4-km cladded pipe section
  • Installation of 37-km, 3-inch MEG pipeline piggy-backed onto the 12-inch production pipeline
  • Flooding, gauging and hydro-testing of 12-inch production pipeline using treated potable water
  • Flushing and hydro-testing of 3-inch MEG pipeline using treated potable water
  • Survey support
  • Free span rectification

Project specials

  • Qualify and weld 12-inch cladded pipe, and perform engineering critical assessment (ECA) on 12-inch pipe
  • Digital X-ray (RTR) in combination with internal welding inspection tool (IWIT) for 12-inch cladded pipe
  • 3 layer heat shrink sleeves minimum SHORE 65, requiring liquid epoxy primer with curing at 180 ºC
  • Piggy-back blocks for sliding piggy-back pipeline mechanism due to large expansion differences
  • Supply and pipeline flooding of 3,500 m³ potable water
  • High pressure hydro-test at 533 barg

Pipe characteristics

4 / 2.81225.2DNV SAWL 415 SFPDU
C – UNS N08825 (3 mm)
33 / 211225.4DNV SMLS 450 SFPD
37 / 23.8310DNV SMLS 360 SFPD